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A New Hope

Well hi-diddly-ho everybody!

It’s 2017, and that means new resolutions, and eventually, come February-ish, dashed hopes. But so far? I’m actually sticking with my resolutions. That’s a new record for me. And despite the crap-storm that is most of the real world right now, I might, maybe, potentially have some hope.


I’ve got a fair amount of stress in my life too, as I’m in that figuring-out-my-whole-life phase right now, but there are some good things happening and I’m trying to focus on those instead. To quote a dear friend of mine – I AM PUMPED. And mostly because of three new friends I made last year: Becky, Joyce and Nicole (the one who is pumped).

We’re all contributors to a writing blog where we post new short stories and articles each week, and it has quite literally changed my life. My writing has always been this secret thing I did by myself after work, late at night, or in the wee hours of the morning, and never told or showed to anyone. (Except for a few very kind and brave souls.) But now I’ve found three other writers who are all in the same boat as I am (we have big dreams, but are aware of the mountain ahead of us), and it’s altered the way I think about writing. For one, I’m actually SHARING my writing on our blog! I posted my first short story back in December, and my next one goes up next Friday. If you had told me one or two years ago I’d be sharing my work on a blog with other writers, I’d never have believed you.


It’s still scary to post each month, but I feel like I’m slowly (very slowly) growing as a writer. The other Muses each recently posted on their blogs about the new year and their new goals, and they’ve lit a fire under my bum not only to get me writing this post, but to really think about my writing for the year ahead. (See Nicole’s post above, and here’s Becky’s and Joyce’s, and another from our group blog.)

I’m hoping planning that my regular short story writing will rub off onto my novel writing, and I’ll actually finish what I started last year: THE DEVIL’S BELT, and the sequel to HONORS. By the end of the year, if I’m lucky and put buttloads more work in, I’m hoping I’ll be ready to query one of them.


Some other things going on that I’m well excited about:

-I’m volunteering at a historic charity and doing interesting research for them that’s actually related to my degree (yay!)

-I’m reading more consistently, and finally making a dent in my To-Be-Read list

-I’m exercising more too, and it feels great. I’m hoping to add more every few weeks as I build my fitness level back up.

But mostly it’s the other Muses and all the writing we’re doing that’s keeping me going lately. I know I’m gushing about it, but I’m just so grateful to be on this adventure with them. Despite all the other shit happening in the world, I’ve got some new hope to hang on to.

Thanks for reading


5 responses to “A New Hope”

  1. Ha, Nicole does say that a lot. I’ve actually used it a couple times, now, too… Being PUMPED must be contagious! 😂 I’ve really enjoyed reading the short stories you ladies have posted! “Lavender” was great! (I will admit that I had to go look to see which one from December was yours…) I’m so glad you’ve decided to share! 🙂 I haven’t been brave enough to post anything but tweets from my writing, yet. Maybe someday! Good luck with the rest of your goals! You can do it!


    • Hahah Nicole is basically my motivational life coach 🙂 Thank you so much!! That means so much, I really appreciate it. And yes you should definitely share some of your writing when you’re ready! The world needs your stories 😀 Arghh I thought I was already following you on Twitter, but I just found you! * starts retweeting all the things *

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      • She’s great at that, isn’t she? Such an encouraging soul! 🙂 I’ve got some plans to share little excerpts and maybe even rework some old short fic, at some point. When I get there, I’ll definitely have to share! Ha, I didn’t realize I wasn’t following you on Twitter, either. Oops! I DID have a different Twitter account associated with my blog, for a while. Don’t ask me why…


  2. This post made me so happy! I’m so happy to be part of the Muses with you, and Joyce, and Nicole! And it’s so true – writing consistently each month is so so so helpful. I can’t wait to see how your novels go this year! Yay!!!


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